Monday, November 28, 2011

I have begun!

So I have really tried to get this whole blog thing going, and let me tell you, it's been rough. I have tried repeatedly for weeks and google keeps freezing my computer. FRUSTRATING! So for those of you who are unaware (almost everyone), my Capstone is interior design! I have committed to painting my house's downstairs bathroom and my parents' master bathroom, as well as redoing their flooring as well. So far, my progress has been painstaking. When I first started, I started by removing the small layer of wallpaper that bordered the walls. OMG. It took me four hours to scrape off that stuff. Note to self and others, never use wallpaper. You will regret it. More recently, I have taped the entire downstairs bathroom, painted the baseboards, and one wall. Go me? I sure hope so. I really wanted to create a bathroom that I loved, even though in less than a year, I will be on my own at CSU. GO RAMS! ;) My mom had previously bought these adorable hand towels. They're chocolate brown with baby blue as an accent color. Right then, I knew my heart was sold. I loved them! So there we go. Two walls are going to be a color I picked that is almost turqoise, but close enough to tie in these lovely towels, and the other two will be chocolate brown. As for the baseboards, I chose a cream color. It's more of a brown mixed with yellow cream. Weird, I know. But I like it and it ties everything in very nicely. I have worked on painting almost every day and although, sure, painting is easy, but not when you get down to actually preparing. The prep time is huge. You have to tape EVERYTHING. Do you know how long that takes?! I never thought taping had to be perfect. Boy, I was wrong. When I'm done painting my base coats of blue and brown, I'm going to learn how to paint opposite colored circles on the walls. I think that by doing this, it will make the colors connect more and make the small bathroom feel larger and more sophisticated. Hopefully Google can pull through for me and make this blog work, because it's really how I hope to track my progress. But for now, Facebook awaits me. Stay tuned for future Capstone updates! :)

Love always,